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Too Old For a Babysitter Penny Colman

Too Old For a Babysitter

Penny Colman

Published May 18th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jig and Jag, who are eleven-year old twin sisters, are about to turn twelve-years old. Their brother Tag is about to turn eleven-years old. Their parents think they still need a babysitter. But they dont! No matter how hard they try to convince their parents, everything backfires, until something unexpected happens. The action takes place during summer vacation. The kids go through five babysitter and a series of funny, foolish, and scary antics before an unexpected event changes everything into a special ending.A humorous story loosely based on real events. Penny Colman has written fiction for young readers for childrens magazines. Her short story, But Not Ms. Anderson, was nominated for the Paula A Witty Short Story Award, International Reading Association. Her fiction books are I Never Do Anything Bad and Dark Closets and Noises in The Night.