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Logic Bomb Allan Conlyn

Logic Bomb

Allan Conlyn

Kindle Edition
179 pages
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 About the Book 

Technology holds the keys to our future, but who holds the keys to that technology? Paul Falken, former FBI agent turned computer security expert, struggles to answer that question by putting himself in the middle of a plot so sinister and so unthinkable that, if successful, could compromise the very fabric of our country.His enemy is the ruthless and greedy Evan Swager, an Internet entrepreneur out to make a fortune for himself no matter what the cost to others. Evan has moved away from the seedier businesses of online pornography and junk email into software development.Evan Swager has a luxury office suite where he’s given his beautiful mistress a marketing job, and where a team of programmers are working diligently on his latest project. Has Evan Swager decided to go legit? Paul Falken thinks not and he’s willing to risk his life to find out what Evan is really up to and maybe settle an old score in the process.